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The Luke/Reid Livejournal Community

LuRe: A community for fans of Luke/Reid
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LuRe: A community for fans of Luke/Reid

Welcome to lure_atwt! This is a community for fans of the pairing of Luke Snyder and Dr. Reid Oliver from the soap opera "As the World Turns."

There will be NO bashing of any other LJ communities or websites, whether they be LuRe or Nuke oriented. We won't have it. We're all ~mostly~ adults here, and will conduct ourselves as such.

moerlin and susanderavish are your neighborhood mods. Feel free to contact us with questions, comments, suggestions and concerns. Don't be afraid — we're (usually) super nice. Bear in mind that we do have lives outside of LuRe, and it may take a little time for us to get back to you, but we will respond as soon as we're able.


~ Play nice. Wank is stupid. DON'T DO IT.

~ What can you post?

We accept fan fiction, fanvids, graphics and discussions as they relate to LuRe, and interviews/articles about Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer Stevens.

Post!Reid's death (*sniff*) stories are fine, but those revolving predominately around Luke/OC (OC = original/other character) or Reid/OC cannot be posted here. We suggest submitting to other communities like such as atwt_fic or lure_taboo. Thanks for respecting this.

We welcome real person slash/fiction (RPS/F) but, in keeping with the community's main focus, RPS/F highlighting Van/other or Eric/other should not be posted here. Personal pictures and videos that have been leaked (released without consent of the actors) on the internet are not allowed and will be deleted. Let's be respectful of their private lives, guys!

~ Posting format guidelines


Fic must include a standard header featuring the title, rating, summary and warnings (if any), a disclaimer (you don't own Luke, Reid or ATWT) and any additional author's notes you wish to include (the inspiration for the story, beta details, etc.).

You can save yourself some time and trouble — use this handy-dandy text box!

Fic Warnings:

Stories must be posted with clear, detailed and explicit warnings so the reader will know what's involved and can make an informed choice as to whether or not they want to read it.

Explicit sexual situations, Reid's death, past relationships (Luke/OC or Reid/OC), straight!Luke, straight!Reid, Van/Eric RPS, crack!fic, crossover, non-con, dub-con — all of these plot points should be listed in the warnings if they are included in the story.


All fics must be placed under an lj-cut. Please follow this link to learn how to make an lj-cut. If you need additional assistance, please send a private message to one of us and we'll try to help.


If you're posting more than three icons, place them behind an lj-cut. Up to three icons can be displayed outside the lj-cut as a teaser.


Any artwork (signatures, wallpapers, banners) larger than 200 pixels x 200 pixels should must be placed behind an lj-cut. A smaller version or portion of your artwork (no larger than 200 x 200 pixels) can be shown outside the cut as a teaser. Any artwork of a sexually explicit nature must have a warning and be placed behind an lj-cut.


We ask that you limit your posts to five per day. This cuts down on the traffic flow and keeps everything neat and tidy.


All posts must be tagged. Let us know if you don't have an !author|artist tag, and we will make one for you. Only the moderators have the ability to create tags, so don't try to make up your own. If you use a tag that doesn't exist, it won't show up. If there's a tag you think we should have and don't, send us a message and let us know.

Note about your author|artist tag: Your author|artist tag is a way to catalog your creative works for the community, and so others can easily search for work by a specific person. Don't use your tag on everything you post — only those featuring your fic, graphics, etc.

Also, only use your author|artist tag for work that you have created. Don't use your tag to post something made by someone else. If the fic you're recommending or fanvid you're sharing was made by another member of the community, use their tag. If the maker isn't a member of the community, you MUST credit them in your post.


Stop over here and tell us about yourself. :) Please do not post introductions as separate entries. They will be deleted.

Affiliates: sudsers_inc, lureficresource, soapmeme, lure_ficlibrary
Would you like to be an affiliate? Just comment here.

Pimping: If you would like to pimp a community here on lure_atwt, please get in touch with one of the mods. Any pimp posts that have not been cleared by us will be deleted. Thank you for respecting this.

Header: sexyscholar. Layout code: milou_veronica

Finally, we'd like to give a HUGE thank you to all of the members of LuRe ATWT for making this such an amazing community. You guys make us awesome. ♥