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Take Two (8/?)

Title: Take Two
Author: Bkwermy323
Rating: R
Summary: Reid gets hurt
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Author's notes: Intense update! I hope you like! Oh, and btw, thanks to everyone who read Getting Older is Hard to Do and wished me a happy birthday!

When George heard the shower shut off, he let himself into the bathroom. Reid was just stepping out of the shower, shaking slightly. George propelled himself forward and caught Reid before he stumbled. “Here, Dr. Oliver. Let me help you get dressed,” he offered. He helped Reid put on a fresh hospital gown. “How was your shower?” he asked conversationally.

“Fine. I want to get back to bed now, though,” Reid said.

“Okay, sounds good.” George helped Reid get back to bed. Then he hooked all of the monitors back up as well as Reid’s IV. “Mr. Snyder stepped out for a moment to make a phone call,” George said while he worked.

“What?” Reid asked in alarm.

“Don’t worry, Dr. Oliver. He said he was going to go to your office to make the call.”

“Oh…” Reid replied, visibly relaxing.

“I can stay with you until he returns if you want,” George offered. “I’m off soon, but I don’t mind. All I’m doing is taking my wife to dinner, but I’m not doing that for awhile,” George offered.

“No. I’ll be okay,” Reid said.

“All right. Well, one of the night nurses will be taking over. I believe you hired him last week?” George replied.

“I hire a lot of nurses. You’ll have to tell me his name,” Reid replied.

“Oh, yes. Of course. His name is…” but before George could finish, Katie walked into the room.

“Hey, bestie! Did you miss me?” She announced brightly.

Reid turned his head in the direction of his best friend’s bubbly voice. “Hey Katie.”

“I’ll just leave you to it then,” George said. “Have a wonderful day, Dr. Oliver.”

“Thanks, George. Enjoy dinner with your wife,” Reid said.

“I will.” With that, George exited the room.

“Wow,” Katie said after he left. “Dr. Oliver being nice to a nurse? It’s like ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ up in here.”

“Har har,” Reid said sarcastically. “So, Blondie, what brings you here?”

“Luke needed a break. He said he’d be back when my sister comes with the sketch artist. I think you really upset him last night,” Katie explained.

“Shit! You think?”

“Yeah. But he’ll be fine. Luke’s a strong person. I mean, he told me that you know about his paralysis now. He made it through that just fine. So, you took a shower? How was it?”

“It was just a shower. Where did Luke go?”

“He went to the farm. Please don’t freak out though. He will be fine,” Katie said.

“Okay,” Reid said. “God, I wish I didn’t snap at him…”

“I’m sure Luke understands. Now, how about we talk about something fun?”

He was nervous; Dr. Oliver had just hired him and this was his first shift. Would Dr. Oliver remember him? More importantly, would he be able to treat the man knowing Dr. Oliver was gay and knowing what he’d done? He thought about the conversation he’d had with Greg yesterday.

“Shit… I found out that I’m being assigned to Dr. Oliver tomorrow!” Joe said nervously.

“Pull yourself together, Joe. Didn’t you say he was blind? You’ll be fine,” Greg said.

“God, I hope you’re right,” Joe replied.

“Jeez, you’re a coward! It will be fine. I promise,” Greg said, trying to ease his friend’s mind.

“What are you doing standing out here?” Ali asked the new nurse.

Joe started and then relaxed when he saw Ali. “I’m just a little nervous. Uh… I heard Dr. Oliver can be pretty nasty.”

Ali laughed. “Yes, he can. But it will be fine! Katie, his best friend, is a sweetheart. She won’t let Dr. Oliver bite… much. Go on in there.” Joe nodded.

“Okay. Um, thanks… er…”

“Ali. Head nurse. Let me know if you need anything!”

Joe thanked her, took a deep breath, and entered Dr. Oliver’s hospital room.

Katie laughed out loud. “Reid! I know Gretchen can be… emotional, but give her a break! You can be kind of scary,” she said.

“I am not scary. She just needs to get a thicker skin,” Reid replied.

Joe entered the room and cleared his throat. Katie turned her head and smiled while Reid frowned. “Yeah?” Reid asked.

“Um… I’m here to check your vitals,” Joe mumbled.

“What? You need to speak up,” Reid said, annoyed. “Shit. Looks like a hired another incompetent nurse,” he hissed to Katie.
“Be nice. Clearly he’s heard about your glowing personality,” Katie said sarcastically, while hitting Reid on the shoulder. “He said he was here to check your vitals.” She turned back towards Joe. “Please don’t mind Reid. He’s always an ass.”

“Hey!” Reid said defensively.

“Well you are,” Katie said.

Joe looked at his feet nervously. “Um… okay. I’ll uh, I’ll just…”

“See? Look what you’ve done? The poor guy is terrified.”

“Well if he’s going to be a nurse, he needs to grow a pair,” Reid growled. Joe felt hatred well up inside of him. It made it somehow gave him courage and he walked forward.

“Now that wasn’t very nice, Dr. Oliver. Yeah, I have heard of you so forgive me if I’m a little nervous. This is my first day,” Joe growled back.

Reid stiffened. He knew that voice. “Now that wasn’t very nice. Looks like we need to teach you a lesson.” He was suddenly at a loss for words and sheer panic started to rise up into him.

Katie laughed. “Good for you! Reid needs to be knocked down a few pegs,” she chuckled. Joe smirked at her and went to look at Reid’s vitals. Katie turned towards Reid and frowned. Her best friend had suddenly gone white. “Reid?”

Reid couldn’t breathe as fear and loathing choked him. “I… I…” he tried to say.

“Are you okay? Reid? Breathe!” Katie said in a panic. Joe was also alarmed about what was happening. He took a step back and Katie looked at him in exasperation.

“What are you waiting for? Go get Dr. Gregory!” she ordered. Joe mumbled a response and fled the room. Katie grabbed her best friend’s hand and started to stroke Reid’s forehead.

Reid had heard the nurse’s words before. All of a sudden, pictures flashed before Reid. A nervous man named Joe Franklin stepped into his office. Two drunken men loomed over him. Reid made a connection between the nurse he had hired and one of the men who had beaten him. He couldn’t speak and his heart started pounding. Reid wanted desperately to tell Katie that Joe was one of the men who had attacked him, but the words wouldn’t come.

Dr. Gregory burst into the room with Joe trailing behind. “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know! He was fine and then he just started to panic!” Katie said.

“Okay. Um, you, go get me a sedative,” Dr. Gregory ordered. Joe nodded and ran from the room. Reid was gasping for breath and his heart monitor was beeping furiously. Dr. Gregory rushed forward and placed a hand on Reid’s shoulder. “Dr. Oliver, you’re going to be okay.”

Joe came back into the room with a sedative and handed it to the doctor. “Okay, Dr. Oliver, I’m going to give you a sedative. It’s going to help you calm down,” Dr. Gregory explained.

“N-no… n-no,” Reid struggled to get out. He needed to tell them who the nurse was! But the words wouldn’t come and Dr. Gregory started to inject the sedative into Reid’s IV. Reid felt the panic in him start to calm but his mind grew hazy and he fell asleep.

“What happened?” Dr. Gregory asked Joe as soon as Reid fell asleep.

“I don’t know!”

“He probably just got over excited,” Katie interrupted. She looked at Joe. “I’m so sorry for Reid’s behavior towards you.” Then Katie looked at Dr. Gregory. “Reid was being an ass to this nurse here.”

“Okay. Well, we will keep monitoring him,” Dr. Gregory replied. “Where’s Mr. Snyder?”

Joe started when he heard Luke’s last name. That was Dr. Oliver’s lover. God, homos made him sick. But Joe was more worried about why Reid had suddenly panicked. He thought he knew the reason why and Joe really needed to get out of there so he could call Greg.

“He went to the farm,” Katie said. “Reid and Luke got into an argument last night and Luke just needed to take a break.”

Joe saw this as his chance. He quickly ducked out of the room while Katie and Dr. Gregory were talking. Then he went to the nurses’ locker room to retrieve his cell. Once he had it, Joe decided that he needed to find a closet or something. He located a nearby utility closet, made sure no one was looking, and ducked inside. “Hello?” Greg answered when he called.

“Greg, we have a problem,” Joe said.

“What?” Greg demanded.

“I think Dr. Oliver remembered something! I was just in his room and he freaked out when he heard me talk,” Joe explained.

“Fuck! Did he say anything?”

“No… one of the doctor’s gave him a sedative. Oh God, Greg! What are we going to do? I mean, we roughed him up really bad! I can’t go to jail! I have my daughter to think about!” Joe panicked.

“Pull yourself together, Joe! Nobody is going to jail,” Greg said.


“Hey, it’s fine! You’re a nurse in a hospital, right? You have access to a shit ton of drugs.”

“Yeah… but…”

“No! Listen, I have a way we can fix this. Listen up.”
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