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Fun Fic Friday!

~Fun Fic Friday~

T.G.I.F.!!! It's the day before the weekend, and what better way to close out the first week of the new year than with a fun dose of ficlets and drabbles of Luke, Reid, or Luke & Reid? Or how about some amazing icons or graphics of the guys? (Don't be fooled by the name - Fun (Graph)Fic Friday just didn't have the same ring to it.) Here's your chance to contribute a short fic or icon of our favorite couple.

However, it must be based on or inspired by this week's prompt:


House Hunters!

Fic Rules:
1. Please post your fic in the comments and try to keep it under maximum LJ comment length, which is 4,300 characters (~800 words). If it's longer, no problem! Either post in multiple comments or make an entry in the comm.
2. You may write more than 1 fic for the same prompt.

Graphics Rules:
1. Everything is welcome: icons, GIFs, picspams, screencaps ...
2. Icons should be 100x100 pixels and under 40k, .png, .jpg, or .gif so that they can be used on LJ.
3. Animations okay.
4. Text is optional.
5. Please include icons, screencaps, and graphics in a comment to this post.

And even if you're not creating something, you can still participate by reading and commenting. Show the love to the brilliant creators in the fandom!

Poll #1891001 Prompts 'r us!

Which of these prompts would you like to see next week?

With my hands open
Just say yes
Crazy in love
You're all I have
Shut your eyes
Give me strength

Challenge and poll begin today and end Sunday night, January 20th, 201

Big thanks to fremi08 or the poll options this week

Big thanks to scotianova for these wonderful poll options!
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