January 18th, 2013

  • sajaal

A Deal's a Deal: Part XX

Title A Deal’s a Deal, Part XX
Author: ajaal
Characters Dr. Reid Oliver, Luke Snyder, Casey Hughes, Henry Coleman, Noah Mayer, Katie Snyder mentioning of other ATWT characters and some others that I’ve added for the fun of it.
Rating: g 13-R,

Disclaimers: ot mine I mean no harm.  All mistakes are mine and I apologize for my editing skillsJ

Summary:  Luke has made a deal with Reid to stay away from him at the hospital, but it’s not working and they end up spending more time together.

A/N:  Okay here we go so more angst as we move foward as always I’m adding a few new characters and changing some of the events (for the better LOL), I hope you enjoy my take on the beginning of LUREJ  A big shout out to lemondrop for helping me with my focus…I now know where it’s going to end so enjoy the journey.


Almost Sex Day Near Lips

Fun Fic Friday!

~Fun Fic Friday~

T.G.I.F.!!! It's the day before the weekend, and what better way to close out the first week of the new year than with a fun dose of ficlets and drabbles of Luke, Reid, or Luke & Reid? Or how about some amazing icons or graphics of the guys? (Don't be fooled by the name - Fun (Graph)Fic Friday just didn't have the same ring to it.) Here's your chance to contribute a short fic or icon of our favorite couple.

However, it must be based on or inspired by this week's prompt:


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Big thanks to scotianova for these wonderful poll options!