November 30th, 2012

My Stardust Melody, Chapter 32

Title:     My Stardust Melody
Author: Petuniagirl
Rating: R
Genre: AU of the soapy/angsty/romantic variety
Warnings:  Angst; deaths of certain ATWT characters are discussed (but Not Luke or Reid), particularly in the first chapter.
Disclaimer: Characters are property of ATWT, CBS, P&G etc.  Clearly, they aren't mine.
Summary: Luke meets Reid at an elaborate party in New York with disastrous consequences for both men.  Can they find a way back together?
A/N:  Thank you to my betas, franchopand lemondrop34

All previous chapters may be found here.

Chapter Summary:  Maddie is an uninvited guest.  Angst.

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Fun Fic Friday!

~Fun Fic Friday~

TGIF! It's the day before the weekend, and what better way to close out a long week than with a fun dose of ficlets and drabbles of Luke, Reid, or Luke & Reid? Or how about some amazing icons or graphics of the guys? (Don't be fooled by the name - Fun (Graph)Fic Friday just didn't have the same ring to it.) Here's your chance to contribute a short fic or icon of our favorite couple.

However, it must be based on or inspired by this week's prompt:

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A Deal's a Deal: Part VIII

Title: A Deal’s a Deal Part VIII
Author: sajaal
Characters: Dr. Reid Oliver, Luke Snyder, Casey Hughes, Henry Coleman, Noah Mayer, Katie Snyder mentioning of other ATWT characters and some others that I’ve added for the fun of it.
Rating: Pg 13-R,
Disclaimers: Not mine I mean no harm.  All mistakes are mine and I apologize for my editing skillsJ

Summary:  Luke has made a deal with Reid to stay away from him at the hospital, but it’s not working and they end up spending more time together.

A/N:  I’ve decided to continue with this one, the next parts have a lot of history but I’m adding a few new characters and changing some of the events (for the better LOL), I hope you enjoy my take on the beginning of LUREJ  A big shout out to lemondrop for helping me with my focus…I now know where it’s going to end so enjoy the journey.