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what episode should Eric submit?

If this is not appropriate for this community, let me know. Otherwise, I'm going to cross-post from LRO/ESS.

I think Eric has a couple of weeks to pull together his reel. Except that the "reel" these days consists of as many scenes as you like from ONE episode.

So, I've been thinking about this for awhile. If you were Eric, which episode would you submit. I was going to post a poll on my blog, but I honestly wasn't sure which episodes I'd choose!

I Can't, certainly. Babbling. Playing Doctor? Clown college? HWTWE? I'm looking for suggestions! Thanks!

ETA: I've posted links to many of the episodes suggested, here, at LRO, and ESS, along with the poll now. So you can officially vote! I've also posted a lot more detail on the selection and judging process. BTW - I included Jonathan Jackson's scenes as well in case you'd like to see for yourself what he's up against. Definitely not a pushover.
Tags: daytime emmys, eric sheffer stevens

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