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Fic search

Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing good and staying safe during these crazy times. 

I was craving some good Luke and Reid long fics and there is one I have heard a lot about but never read.

Does anyone know where I could read Vegas"  by alicesprings & rhiannonhero?
Thank you. 

Fic search

Hi guys,

I, of course, am looking for a awesome fic a read a few years ago.
Luke is in a relationship with Noah and Reid is with one of Noahs co-workers or something like that. Then they meet and hate each other a lot first, but then they start being attracted to each other and cheat on their boyfriends...

Does somebody know which one I mean?

Thanks for your help! =)
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UPDATE (NEW DATE): Van to appear in upcoming "FBI" tv show

UPDATE: The show date in my original post is incorrect. (Why can't these bloggers get their facts straight?) The show will air on Tuesday, March 10. Since Tuesday is the show's usual night, I believe March 10 is correct. Information (including Van's character's name) is in this article: https://seat42f.com/fbi-season-2-episode-17-photos-broken-promises.html

Yoohoo!! Is anyone around? *Kicks a few dust bunnies.....or are they elephants?....about.*

Just saw that Van will appear in the Season 2, episode 17 of the "FBI" on CBS. It is slated to run on Monday, March 9.

Looking at the cast list for that episode, I am guessing that he has a very small part, but I hope that I am wrong!


Now that his drought is over, I wish we would see some activity from ESS soon! Keeping fingers crossed.

looking for a fic

I am looking for a re-incarnation fic, i read awhile ago. Reid was re-born and remembers everything and meets Luke again, except he is now younger. Don"t remember the author, but title had something to do with Jello/ Can anyone help?
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Fic: Piano Man Pt. 2

Title: Piano Man: I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues
Author: flowersforchuck
Rating: PG-13/NC-17
Summary: Luke arrives in Oakdale for Christmas and drama ensues. And he pines for Reid, naturally.
Disclaimer: I don't own Oakdale or any of its inhabitants.
Author's notes: Well, this took four years. No beta. I really wanted to get something out by the end of the year but this is only part two of three, so proceed with caution. Enjoy.

The original fic for a refresher: Piano Man

Part 2a, Part 2b, & Part 2c