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Letter writing campaign

So guys. I was talking to amelialourdes over on the post where I air my grievances to CBS and we had the following conversation:

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I also recommend writing Maybe they'll write some article about this and how we feel as a collective fandom. I only say it because it is the website that caters to gay storylines and anything to be able to express how we feel is to our benefit.

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Hmm . . . I'll do that. I've emailed Michael Jenson/snicks before, so I can totally forward this to them and put in a request.

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I'd certainly love to do some kind of campaign collectively so it's not just a few people sending in their e-mails. I'd love to see all of us participating as a whole because there are a lot of us. But, definitely forward it to them because they will listen. There are a lot of people there on our side.

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Oooo . . . We should definitely post something on the comm suggesting it/encouraging people to send in requests for an ending LuRe/ATWT article and/or their opinions on the subject

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Yeah, I'm for this. Well, I'm thinking of compiling some kind of letter writing campaign. We were able to do it through the voting posts and I think that this will be a similar situation.

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That being said, I think we should do this. I wrote an email to Michael Jensen, the editor-in-chief over at AfterElton and put in a request for an article about LuRe/ATWT, from whatever angle he deemed appropriate, as long as it could perhaps include the feelings and opinions of our collective fandom. I didn't tell him he had to write anything, just put in a request and forwarded him the email I'd sent to CBS after today's episode. So, like amelialourdes suggested, I think we should all collectively send out some emails to AfterElton with similar requests and our opinions. I think they would be sympathetic to our cause and wouldn't be opposed to recieving letters and/or opinions and requests from us. I also think that to have a website that caters to our cause objectively take a stance on not only the final storyline, but ATWT's treatment of the gay story in general and the double standard would not only be valuable, but may also offer us some much needed closure.

And, by all means, guys, email your grievances to CBS or whomever you feel should hear them (not even necessarily associated with the show in general). It sure as hell won't do anything at this point, but I feel like they brought it upon themselves (though I feel like I should suggest that you don't rant, but present your complaints and disappointments in a calm and factual manner. I don't think it would make them see us in any sort of positive light if we go off on fan rants).

Just an FYI: Michael Jensen emailed me back.

I've had a request in for several weeks to interview someone at the show. We'll see if I get it! But, yes, I am planning on an article!

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