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"Triangle" - Chapter 10 - Part 2

This is an AU where Luke, Reid, and Noah are all about the same age and all live in New York City. Luke has no kidney problems in this fic - he drinks quite happily. Noah is not really the Noah of canon - he is how I wish he had been written. And thus, this story is my version of a true 'triangle.' Hope if you read it you enjoy it!

Luke/Reid, Reid/Noah
(you've been warned BBs)

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Chapter 10 - Part 1

Chapter 10 - Part 2

Reid stood there for a few moments, breathing hard and rubbing at his temples. He finally stuffed his things into his backpack and walked hurriedly out into the restaurant. There was no sign of Noah. Reid felt like shit and wasn't in the mood to see anyone, but he knew he had to get Luke out of the restaurant, for his sake and for Noah's.
He walked quickly up to Luke.
"Hey, you wanna get going? I'm off."
"Five more minutes? I just want to finish this drink."
"Tell you what, I'll buy you one somewhere else, all right? It was kind of a tough day and I just really want to get out of here."
"Oh, OK, sure," Luke said with a smile. He gathered his things and they left.

When they got out onto the sidewalk Luke stopped and turned to Reid. "So what would you like to do? If you feel like you need to go home and get showered before we go out, we can stop off at your place. Or," he winked at Reid, "we could go back to my place, I think my mom's out. "Or, we-"
Reid cut him off a little. "You know, I'm sorry, can we just go out and get a drink somewhere, preferably soon?"
"Sure! Oh, I know. There's a great place a few of blocks from here. Ever been to the Craftsman?"
"I think I've heard of it but I've never been. Let's do it!"
"OK." Luke gave Reid kind of a funny look. He had never seen him act this manic.
"We need to move my car though. You don't even want to know where I parked it. I've probably already been towed."
"Oh, all right."

Amazingly the car had not been yet ticketed or towed. They drove to the Craftsman and handed it off to valet parking.
Once they got into the bar, Reid ordered a whiskey, straight up. He knocked it back in short order. Luke had a rum and Coke. He noticed Reid's drink choice.
"The hard stuff, eh? It must have been a bad day."
Reid looked down at his glass. "Yup. I'm about to have another," he announced drily.
"Well, let's order some food so it doesn't all go to your head." Luke smiled.
Reid nodded his approval.
They did get some appetizers, allowing Reid to then feel less guilty for ordering and downing a third hit of whiskey.
"You better slow down there, soldier."
"I'm fine," Reid retorted, despite the fact that he only barely stifled a giggle as he said it.
"OK, whatever," Luke said lightly. "So, it might make you feel better to hear that Riley spent the rest of the evening puking in the head after I left last night."
Now Reid did giggle. "Not surprising. How'd you know that?"
"Casey told me when I talked to him earlier. He thought it was hilarious. He thinks Riley is a total dick too." Luke continued. "Who knows? Maybe Reilly will need emergency brain surgery someday and he'll be forced to get down on his hands and knees and beg you to help him!"
Reid laughed. "Well, now, I would never refuse to treat a patient, but, let's say after he was out of the woods, then maybe I could torment him somehow. Have the aides short his sheets or forget to empty the bedpan or something."
Luke laughed. "Unfortunately he probably won't ever get a brain tumor. He's an asshole and that just never happens to assholes!"
"Good point," Reid laughed.
The waiter came by and they both ordered another drink.

"So," Luke tapped Reid on the arm, as the other man seemed to be looking rather dreamily off into space. "Do you feel a little less surly now?"
"Yes, less surly," Reid repeated, smiled, a little lopsidedly. He was feeling rather buzzed.
"Oh, good." Luke said, giving Reid his biggest and most charming smile, complete with dimples.
Reid looked at Luke intently. "You're cute when you're trying to cheer someone up."
"Hey, don't you think I'm cute otherwise?" Luke almost seemed to flutter his eyelashes as he said it.
"Oh, I think you're a very good looking guy," Reid said quickly. "That's why I met you after work that first night."
"Oh yeah?" Luke leaned in to hear this. Reid was definitely spilling more of his guts than usual.
"Yeah, I thought you were hot, sexy, cocky. All the things I'm usually not."
"Well, you certainly could be." Luke looked into Reid's eyes and reached out for his hand. "You are a beautiful creature, Reid."
"Well, thanks. The poet coming out in you again. Told you should go back to school!" Reid said a little loudly.
Reid felt pretty damn looped and he just didn't care. This feeling was much better than the one he's been feeling a couple of hours ago. And Luke was being so sweet. Reid mentally berated himself. Why was he even hung up on someone as conflicted as Noah? Luke was a babe and he was practically sitting in Reid's lap. Why not take him up on what he was offering?

They settled the bill. Luke paid and Reid didn't seem to mind. As Luke was signing the credit card slip he felt his knee being groped. He was a little surprised but he sure as hell wasn't going to stop it.

They ended up making out like crazy against one of the doors of Luke's BMW. They had barely made it into the back seat of the car before Luke felt Reid's hand between his legs, stroking him to hardness. Luke stopped kissing Reid, who was sort of beneath him, and looked at him. "You better not start something if you don't know how you want it to end," he said in a low voice.
"Oh, I know that." Reid looked up at him, his chiseled good looks only improved by the lust in his expression. He started undoing his belt buckle. "Fuck me."
Luke did a bit of a double-take. "You sure?"
"Yeah, I want it. You have any condoms?" His voice only slurred a little bit as he said it. 

Reid should have known Luke's BMW would be fully equipped. Within minutes Luke had applied lube and a condom and was inside Reid and going strong. The BMW's tinted windows allowed enough privacy that Reid had been OK with stripping down.
Luke's shirt was undone, his bare chest pressed against Reid's naked back. Luke was holding onto Reid's waist for balance with one hand and using the other to feel up Reid's pecs and abs and then move lower to his cock.
"You like this?" Luke growled in Reid's ear, between thrusts.
"Yeah, yeah, just like that. Love it."

Reid's breathing was coming in waves. Luke was as good at fucking as everything else he'd done with or to Reid. Reid just gave himself over to the sensations. His life was a mess now but this at least was something being done to him. Everything else could just fade away for the moment.

Despite his still inebriated state, Reid lay awake for hours after Luke dropped him off that night, thinking about his terrible state of affairs. Before he fell asleep he told himself that he would talk to Noah.
He knew that their shifts overlapped again the next day. Apologize for what had gone on in the last couple of days, and see what Noah wanted. Maybe just end it for good. And as for Luke, Reid was going to have to apologize to him too, and explain that he went too far. That he was not in a good position right now to get into a more serious relationship. Not until he figured out what was happening with Noah.


Reid knew when Noah was supposed to start work so he kept a surreptitious eye out for him as he worked his tables. He couldn't help but feel a little happy when he glanced over and finally saw Noah behind the counter, obviously gearing up for work. Despite their fight Reid missed him terribly. Reid couldn't go over to talk to Noah right away, the place was too busy. When Reid finally hit a lull in his work load he started moving in the direction of the bar. He could see that Noah was standing at one end of it. A woman seated there was touching his arm and talking to him. Reid stopped in his tracks. The woman was Alicia. Noah seemed to be listening to her intently, then said something and walked off. Reid turned and went back into the kitchen. He wasn't afraid of Alicia but the last thing he wanted was some big scene. He wondered what Noah thought of her being there.

At one point, a few minutes later, Reid had to go to the bar to fill a drink order. He went up to Carlos, the other bartender on duty. Reid could feel Noah's eyes on him the whole time. Alicia's too. Her demeanor and her position vis-a-vis Noah could be best described as that of a mother bear guarding her cubs. From what Reid could tell, whenever he happened to glance over, Noah wasn't talking to Alicia all that much, but he didn't seem to be asking her to leave either.
After an hour or more of this Reid happened to see Noah disappear through the door into the kitchen and made his move. Reid walked into the kitchen and saw Noah talking in the back office to one of the managers. The latter was just pulling on her jacket. Reid waited off to the side until she walked past him and left, a bank deposit bag under her arm. Noah was just coming out of the office when Reid came up to him. He didn't look happy to see Reid but he stopped. Reid took him by the arm and pulled him back into the office, closing the door slightly behind him.
"I need to talk to you."
"Oh, so now you want to talk?"
Noah pulled his arm out of Reid's grasp.
Reid ignored this. "What in the hell is Alicia doing here?"
"I don't know. As if you cared," Noah said bitterly.
Reid heard his name being called by one of the sous chefs and knew he had to get back out on the floor.
"I'm off at 10. Can I talk to you outside alone before I leave? Just tell Carlos you need to run across the street or something. Please, Noah?" His voice was hushed but his expression intense.
Noah was still angry, but Reid knew he would do it.

At ten Reid walked quickly past the bar and left, though he noticed Alicia's watchful eye on him as he did it. He went and stood under the streetlight on the sidewalk and waited. Somehow Noah evaded Alicia because a minute or two later he emerged from the restaurant alone. He came over to Reid but his expression was one of hurt and distrust.
"OK, you've got five minutes."
Reid reached out and took Noah's hand. He looked up into his eyes.
"Listen, Noah, I'm really, really sorry for what happened. I shouldn't have jumped all over you the other night, and I shouldn't have rubbed Luke in your face last night, although I swear, I didn't know he was going to show up."
Noah looked down but he was listening.
"I know that you haven't meant to hurt my feelings. And that this is all really hard for you right now. Maybe it's not going to change. But no matter what, I really, really care for you, Noah."
"I feel the same, Reid." Noah's voice sounded emotional.
"I hate fighting with you." Reid drew closer. Their bodies were only inches apart and Reid was staring at Noah's mouth.
Noah saw this and swallowed. "Can I come over later, after my shift?" he asked quietly.
Reid knew he shouldn't do it, shouldn't say it, but the only word that came out of his mouth was "Yes."
Noah was facing away from the front of Axel's but Reid wasn't, so he saw it when Alicia emerged from the restaurant, looking around and obviously ready for some sort of altercation with Reid and possibly Noah. She froze when she saw them together, and watched in silence as Noah tipped Reid's face up toward his own and kissed him deeply, personally, angling his own head so as to get better access. Reid's arms went up around Noah's shoulders, pulling him in tightly. When Noah finally eased back out of the kiss and looked into Reid's eyes, Alicia was gone. What she'd told Reid the other day was true. She wasn't stupid. She knew a fight she wasn't going to win.
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